Nov 2004 - I wrote my first letter to the editor of the town newspaper in Republic, Washington, and when that wasn't enough to write all that I wanted to say, I published my first zine. Over the course of 20 issues, I grew the zine into an alternative monthly publication featuring the art, music and political issues happening in Eastern Washington. Meanwhile I began freelancing for other publications such as the Pacific Northwest Inlander, Spokane SiDEKiCK, The Wig Fits All Heads, and a live-blogging experience covering Bumbershoot Music Festival for Seattle Times. I interviewed over 60 artists, musicians, and documentarians across the state of Washington before I even graduated high school.

about julia lipscomb

Julia Lipscomb

may 2010 - I graduated from Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington with a BA in English Literature & Writing. My English degree prepared me with knowledge and skills in literary criticism, post-colonial British literature, and writing creative nonfiction and poetry. I began performing poetry and, in the following year, teaching zines to youth and all-ages audiences.

MAY 2015 - I finished my first master's degree, Masters of Professional Studies in Arts & Cultural Management, at Pratt Institute. The degree prepared me with knowledge of advertising an promotion, fundraising, intellectual property, strategic marketing, and user experience analysis and prototyping. After graduating, I launched a small consulting business on editorial, writing and marketing services for nonprofits. I've contributed pieces to Mozilla Foundation, Communication ArtsGood Magazine, the Awl, the Billfold, Brokelyn, and CATALYST Design Review. I have worked as a freelance copywriter for New School, where I contributed content to the website and print brochures, and as a copyeditor for startups and think tanks. Plus publishing dozens of zines in between. To learn more about my work with zines, please see an interview I did with NYC Feminist Zine Fest. I use my writing to help people.