Julia Lipscomb

Writing Portfolio

New School:

Lang College Website Content & Print Brochure (copy-writing)

GOOD Magazine:

The Best Lesson For New Readers Might Be The One They Teach Themselves
as part of Project Literacy vertical.

The Awl:

Track and Yield: Interview with Filmmaker of Do Not Track

The Lifecycle of a Pop Song

The Hairpin:

The Art of Awareness: Interview with Melody Nixon of Apogee Journal

as part of the "Women of Our Year" series.

The Billfold:

Getting Feedback After A Job Rejection

The Inheritance My Father Left Me With

The Cost of Accidentally Dropping Your Phone

Rental Histories: Living Situations from Seattle to NYC

Music I Listened to While Working as a Temp

Bridge to Excellence (SLA NY):

The Value of Cataloguing Zines & Zine Libraries


Gotham Girls want to be your Queen of Brooklyn: Interview with Evilicious of Brooklyn Bombshells Roller Derbyas part of the "King & Queen of Brooklyn" series.

12 Winter Dates in Brooklyn for 12 Different Neighborhoods

Your Badgeless Guide to the 2014 Northside Festival

10 Surprising Careers That Can Make You a Mint in New York

Get a Glimpse of the Future at Silent Barn's 100% Robot Party

Talking Zines with the Tablers of Brooklyn Zine Fest

Catalyst Design Review:

Fourth Arts Block: Leading Cultural Advancement in New York City

Pacific Northwest Inlander

The Globes, Singer Songs EP

Get Lit! Author Profile: Sally Tisdale

Three Imaginary Girls

ZAPP is Back!

Spokane SiDEKiCK

Local Artist Spotlight: Mistress and the Misters

. . . and dozens of zines, interviews and forgotten album reviews that are too complicated to explain.